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The VAD Special Needs Fund is established to provide financial assistance to people with neuromuscular diseases in need of items or services related to their disability such as medical equipment, home adaptations, and vehicle modifications.
Funding decisions are made by the VAD Board of Directors based upon the recommendation of the Special Needs Committee. The committee bases it's recommendation upon the amount of remaining funds available and the anticipation of future requests. Due to the limited nature of the Special Needs Fund the committee requests that an attempt is made to utilize other community resources before requesting funding from VAD if you would like to request assistance from the Special Needs Fund please follow the instructions below.

1. Obtain price quotes for the needed item or service from at least three separate vendors. The committee will consider the lowest of the three quotes (This requirement may be waived if multiple vendors are not available).

2. Request funds from at least three other community organizations. If other funding is not available obtain written denials from the organizations in the form of letter or email.

3. Download and complete the Special Needs Request Form.

4. Mail the completed Special Needs Request Form along with copies of the quotes and denial letters to


VAD, Inc.
28446 South River Rd.
Harrison Township, Michigan 48045

Or email to VAD1988@hotmail.com

You will be contacted by a member of the special needs committee to confirm receipt of your request and to request additional information or documents if necessary.

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